A little girl

Today I was on the tram and I saw a little, blond, Norwegian girl. She was around 4, I think. It is like that with children… always… you just cannot take your eyes of them. They do things in such a genuine way, you just have to smile and observe what happens next. The girl was looking through the tram window, she was sniffing it, touching it with her nose, licking it and just feeling it with different parts of her face. All that in a sort of secretive way so that her mom would not see.

Then I remember thinking once in a plane that when it is dark outside I look through a window like that little girl. I put my arms around my face and make a dark spot so that light from inside would not prevent me from seeing outside. I do this everywhere: in planes, trams, busses and from my flat windows. I learned it from someone somewhen and now I just do it… always…and feel a bit like a little girl.

Do you do this too?


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