My favourite cooking moment

I do not really cook myself, I do not like to cook. I find it boring and it is such a waste of time. Though I like eating something tasty and a bit more sophisticated than boiled pasta with sausage. Strange girl I am. My signature dish is a mix of whatever vegetables I could find in my fridge which I steam or fry in a pan with salt and pepper. In Russian we call it Vegetable “Ragu”.

But you know what is my favourite cooking moment? It is when you turn off the fan above your cooker after you have finished! Suddenly you realise what was bothering you… that sound! It suddenly becomes so quiet, so peaceful and you involuntarily say: “Oh! uff! so nice without that sound!” Life immediately becomes a little bit better!

Have you noticed?


2 thoughts on “My favourite cooking moment

  1. This is so true! And it applies also to hoovering – whether at home or somewhere else, the silence that comes after that noisy time is just so…. LOUD!


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