My favourite shower moment

My favourite shower moment is when you open the door of a shower room after you have taken a shower. When the cold air comes rushing into dump, hot, steamy shower room and you feel: “Aaahhhhh!”. You can finally breath! You can finally feel dry and fresh! Air in your flat suddenly feels cool and pleasant. Aaaahhhhh!

In my parents’ flat back in Novosibirsk, bathroom is quite small and get’s very very hot and humid even if you spend only 5 minutes in the shower. Everyone in our family opens the door of the bathroom after taking a shower with a big swing! Air, Air, Air!!!!! My Dad makes that “Ah!” sound particularly appealing and then you know he IS enjoying life as no one else!

Until 3 month ago I have not noticed this , but now I love that moment!

Have you ever felt it?


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