I love to make things by hands. Even when I am watching a film or listen to an audiobook or music I need to do something with my hands. Some people would call it “restless hands syndrome”, but I just love creating. As I live in town of Bergen on the West coast of Norway, it rains a lot and it is dark most of the time (at least it feels that way). Thus We, people of Bergen, need to have things to do indoors when it rains. So my aim is to give you a selection of things that you could do when it rains. These are not ads, these are things I truly enjoy and have done myself several times.

Today I present you with the first task I give to my restless hands, Nanoblocks! One of the best things you can do when it rains.

When I was little, I lived in Soviet Union, and we did not have LEGO, it was a closed country and we only had Russian toys.

Now…Imagine…. I have never had LEGO! sounds sad, right?

But …..who cares when I have Nanoblocks now! I think it is for adults (at least I calm myself with that thought). The blocks are smaller and nicer. The selection of models does fit my interests indeed. I have already made several dinosaurs, space shuttle, skeleton and a tiny drum set.

Example 1. I love everything about space and everything about handcraft! Here those two come together! I wished for this model to appear in our local nerd-shop for a long time and it did! I made it yeaterday. Here is the process. Loved it!

Just opened the website to give you a link and found out, they have the whole SPACE COLLECTION! I am happy now, I have all those things to make when it will start rain again.

Example 2. As you know I am a geologist and all geologists are by default fond of dinosaurs. I love how they are made as skeletons and how fragile they look. Though they do fall apart easily if you try to lift them.

Example 3. Human skeleton was one of my favourites, not only because it is bright white and complex to make, but also because it was broken soon after he was made by an amazing person L., that I met recently, and has been given to her to travel around and live a fantastic life that she caries on.


Here you have it. Pretty exciting, creative thing to do when it rains or any other times, especially if you already like LEGO or if you have never tried it, like me. Nanoblocks rock!


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