Watching dance is stressful…

I am a dancer and I also started to teach dance recently. I am not professional, but I am not bad at it and I love doing it very much. I also love watching like other good dancers perform.

Watching dance is stressful… very stressful for my body… I mimic the movements with my body while sitting in the audience: I move my head in the direction of the dancer’s moves, I sit very straight, my chin is lifted high up, my leg muscles are all tense and ready to dance if suddenly it is me on the stage. I am all in. I understand how difficult are the moves and how tired are the dancers. It impresses me how long they can go on.

I also cry sometimes as some moves are breathtakingly beautiful, beautiful movement in combination with beautiful music. In such moments I want to be a dancer again and for a moment I regret all my life decisions, I do not care about science or rocks, all I want is to dance…

PS:  As my friend N. once said: “when you watch ballet, you understand that our bodies are unstoppable and very much capable, but most of us do not use them”.


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