Remember! You are in the air!

I was in a plane one of the million’s of times, flying from Stavanger to Bergen, thinking about the meaning of life, and suddenly I realised that I am looking at the massive iron wing and red coloured engine of a huge machine! That machine is in fact in the air! Clouds are around me, but it feels like taking a bus. No excitement, no fear, no fascination. A year ago I would feel quite different: a bit excited and a little nervous. The reason is maybe that last year I was in Stavanger every week. Bergen-Stavanger flights take only 25-30 min (the shortest I have ever taken), so I got used to it. I do not feel like this when I am flying somewhere far, I told you before #planes #clouds. I feel quite inspired in contrast.

Next time you are in the plane, try to remember that you are in the air, several tens of thousands feet above the ground and there are at least 20 or even 100 other people with you in that plane. You are all FLYING! Up there, where planes go, there is almost always good weather. You could see Sun and blue sky, when it is gloomy down there on Earth. You could see stars, Moon and even Northern lights if you are lucky. You could fly between clouds, you could see the world from above #viewfromabove: those little houses, and blue fjords, and white glaciers. All of that below you in one view. It feels that you almost float peacefully above it all and nothing bothers you at that moment. I feel privileged to experience that. I often feel very touched by the view from above and my eyes get wet. I love that feeling. Hope you can feel it too… just try to notice…

PS: One Russian writer in one of his performances reflected on the fact that when you go to the toilet in a plane, you do it at several tens of thousands feet in the air! just think about it and smile 🙂


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