Planes are my parent’s life, their profession, their passion and inspiration. I got my love for planes from them. I know little about planes, although I had aerodynamics and strength of materials from 8th grade at my airspace school. I have even learned about plane engines….well….try asking me anything now, clean brain, all information was replaced by things about rocks.

My Dad was always into plane modelling. When he was at school he used to make plane models from wood that had engines and could fly for real. When I was at school he used to make plastic models that you can see on the photographs here. All of this of course in addition to real huge planes we all have flown in.

I really liked to watch him when he was making those models. They had so many details and ….they had stickers that you needed to soak in water before applying on plane’s parts. My Dad would let me to attach something to his model: a plastic pilot figure or a plastic wheel.

I love it still! My favourite model is Berkut fighter plane (Su-47) that has forward-swept wing (its wings are pointing weirdly in opposite direction). Try and find it on the pictures. I had my own black Berkut that was lost sometime during my moving around. Look at it here, it is gorgeous!


The funny smooth looking plane with yellow edges from that picture above is mine! It is made out of wood from scratch during my craft lessons at school. I am proud of this wooden Albatros plane (L-39), carved and glued together by 12-years-old me. This could be another great hobby to take up, but plastic plane models with million pieces to glue together remains my favourite thing to do when it rains.

Just look at those models of old military planes, they are so intricate with their tiny propellers and tiny black guns.


Recently I picked up my plane modelling hobby and made Tomcat fighter (F-14). This took me a while as the model was in 1:144 scale, that means a lot of tiny, hard to handle pieces. Never again I will buy a model in such a small scale! Still it was extremely enjoyable especially because I had to paint parts of it and it had variable-sweep wing that you could move! How cool is that!!?

I totally recommend plane modelling to you as it will swallow you all together and you would not even notice that it rains miserably outside. Happy gluing!

….and smell of that glue, mmmmm!




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