I have gotten this telescope last year from a friend P. who was moving away from Norway forever. I always dreamed of having a telescope. Now, I was given one just like that! The Universe is so kind to me.

The first clear night I took it out to look at the sky… at something in the sky… anything … and consider that I had to wait a long time, as it is Bergen we are talking about, the rainiest city on my planet. I took it out to look at the Moon! I brought it to the park in front of my house as some tree branches were obscuring the view from my garden. A man, passing by, decided to comment that he has the same or, no!, bigger telescope in his garage at home, but he does not know how to use it.

I did not know how to use it either, I just pointed it towards the Moon and… I saw it all! Huge, bright white, half shadowed Moon with craters poking out of it’s surface! I saw it all and it was in 3D! Not a flat bright circle with dark and bright spots that make it look like a face, but real, spherical body with clear 3D relief on its surface.

That was the moment when I finally and completely understood that Moon is real, Space is real and all those stars are truly there! and all of it is three-dimensional!  I was awestruck. I was jumping and smiling like crazy in the park in the middle of the night in February of 2016.



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