Making funny faces is my thing

Do you make funny faces to yourself in the mirror? or to others, randomly? I do!

My aunt once told me that she makes funny faces to herself in her bathroom mirror every morning and that stuck somewhere deep in my head. One day many years later I woke up and made funny faces to myself in the bathroom, smiled and felt great. Since that day I do it every time I look into a mirror or any other reflection of mine (train window, water surface, car window, etc). Maybe it is because I am not comfortable with my face and its seriousness and stillness in a mirror in general? Maybe it is because I expect to see someone else there every time and it is always a surprise, so I try to check if that is still me? Maybe I do it as I remember that my aunt made funny faces because it gave her a sense of happiness in the morning?

Once, when I was sad, my friend send me a collage with four funny-face-selfies to make me smile. Then all of my four school friends exchanged such funny face pictures and it was amazing! One of my friends also did one with her baby, trying to capture different emotions, and that one was the best mood lifter ever!

Few month ago I participated in improvisation workshop where we did a mirror exercise. Two people were asked to sit in front of each other and make all kinds of face movements. One person started leading the movement, while the other repeated everything, then we swapped leadership randomly.  We were also allowed to make sounds. It was hilarious! Interestingly, after a while I did not know whether it was me who changed the face movement or my partner? It seemed that we two had one face and that face was the one of my partner! It felt like looking into a mirror. After a while I totally believed that it was my face I was looking at as it repeated all the movements I did. Extremely astonishing, weird and a little bit creepy, but enjoyable experiment.

I make funny faces to others as well (mostly friends) when I do not know what to say or I am anxious, uncomfortable about a silent moment or just feeling silly. I can pass some close colleague at work and acknowledge them with a funny face! They usually smile. I like passing people’s offices with a cartoonish moves and funny face. Maybe I am crazy, so what! (I hope I can feel that silly craziness all the time!)

Making funny faces to yourself and others is awesome! It makes me smile every time. I love being silly. Let’s be silly together, try it sometimes. You can start gently from your own bathroom mirror, and then, who knows, you might become the best funny face maker in the world and spread the silliness around 😛

Here are some of my classic funny faces from me to you and from me to me:

my funny faces to myself

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