a sunny day or a view from above…

You know that I love to look at things from above and I definitely love a sunny day. Just one look at a place from above changes everything. Just one sunny day makes it worth it.

You might from time to time struggle to be in a place, to go through it every day, sometimes you cannot even live there for one minute longer – a city, a town, a village with its speed, be it slow or fast, dirtiness, cleanliness, attitude, rain, slush, darkness, no summers, too much coffee, “unswimmable” seas and absence of bright coloured clothes.

But as soon as there is a sunny day, it is suddenly beautiful, warm, loving, sharp and clear. You feel like the luckiest person on earth to be here. You love the place more than any other place you have ever lived in.

Sun makes everything better, and worthwhile, or that one day simply makes you forget all the other days, the days when sun was not there…. It is funny that we say “Sun was not there” or “There is no Sun today”, as it is not really true! Even if behind the clouds or looking at the other side of the Earth, it is there, always!

Some other days you take a walk up the mountain and there it is, that place, just there, below you, looking stunning! That ocean and wiggly shoreline, little red roofs and white houses, street lights and bridges, large shiny ships and that sunset. There is nothing better than blue coloured sunset time with black shapes of trees. You are so far (above) from that business, strangeness, shops, busses, buildings, faces, too familiar routes and roads, your problems and plans.

The view from above makes that place more peaceful, more beautiful, more unknown and new, more lovable and more like home.

It made me think that it is worth to view things, not only places, from far above, as they might as well just end up looking stunning!

Stop making me fall in love with you more, Bergen…. I am leaving you anyway…. but I will love you forever ♥.





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