Me on iceHi, my name is Anna Kulikova. 

I’m a Siberian girl,  a geologist and a dancer. I am fascinated by movement, music, nature and science and… by scientists! 

I get easily inspired and excited by new or old, but newly discovered, things and people. I wish I can inspire at least a few people during my life…that would make me happy.

On this website I write my observations and excitement about what is around me. After some tough times in 2016 I have decided to concentrate on the world around me a bit more and do not miss anything amazing going on. I believe that observing simple things makes me happy. I hope I can inspire you to notice those things too and that will make your life even more enjoyable. I also hope that you understand those feelings I write about and you will find that somethings we all feel the same.

If you have a story or an observation I would like to hear from you. Send it to me if you’d like and I will share your excitement with you over email or publish them here if you would wish.

I come from Siberian town, Novosibirsk, but I now live in Bergen on the west coast of Norway. I made a long trip to come here: Novosibirsk-Tomsk-Tyumen-Moscow-London -Bergen. I hope this line of towns will continue, but you cannot predict what is going to happen, so I just wish.

I have been studying a big portion of my life, around 10 years, and I still want to study, but I have heard you have to stop at some point, so I try. It is not easy you see, as there is so many crazy cool things I wish to learn:

  • astronomy and watching planets through telescopes
  • blogging and writing you feelings down
  • programming and data science
  • piano, drums and electric guitars
  • geology and mathematics
  • knitting a hat for yourself and a hat for your friend
  • be productive
  • be brave

If only I could live for million years…..